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We Carry Only Genuine Ground Logic Repair Parts for Ground Logic's Commercial Spreading & Spraying Equipment Including, The Rover, Rover XR, Pathfinder, Venture 120 and the Venture 220.

Use Our Handy Parts Manuals Below (just click on your model, opens up to a Adobe PDF File.

NOTE: You will need to have Adobe Acrobat on your computer to open the manual, Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader Here. Once Opened, Find Your Part Number and then Use Our Search Bar to Above to Find Your Ground Logic Equipment Repair Parts Fast.

PLEASE READ* Additional Charges May Be Required

During the change from Ground Logic to Ferris please bear with them. Currently all prices and part numbers are being changed to new Ferris part numbers so the prices and part numbers are changing frequently. To make it easy for our customers with older Ground Logic part manuals to find your part we are keeping the old part numbers available for a while so you can easily identify the part you need using your old part number and also the newer Ferris part number. Because of this there may be a change in price or if a part is no longer available we will contact you before we process your order.

Ground Logic Parts
Ground Logic Rover Parts 2013 earlier Ground Logic Rover Parts 2014 later Adobe Reader Ground Logic Venture Series Parts Manual Ground Logic Pathfinder XC Parts Manual Ground Logic Pathfinder Parts Manual Ground Logic Pathfinder Parts Manual 2014 up Ground Logic Rover XR Parts Manual 2013 less Ground Logic Rover XR Parts Manual 2014 Up Ground Logic Pathfinder 2013 earlier

Ground Logic A0110 Washer, 1/4Ground Logic A0142 Hex Jam Nut, Ferris 5105977Ground Logic A0119 Washer, 5/16, Ferris 5106009Ground Logic A0125 Washer, 3/8, Ferris 5106168
Ground Logic E0126 FuseGround Logic A0145 Washer, 5/16 Lock ZincGround Logic A0141 Castle Nut Cotter Pin, Ferris 5106163Ground Logic A0118 Nut, Std Hex 5/16-18
Ground Logic A0146 Nut, Std Hex 5/16-18 ZincGround Logic B0200 E-Clip, Motion Control ShaftGround Logic A0104 Fastener, 1/4 20 X 3/4, Ferris 5105893Ground Logic A0111 Fastener, 1/4 28X1/2 Fine Thre, Ferris 5106032
Ground Logic A0169 Bolt, 1/4 20 X 5/8, Ferris 5106029Ground Logic A0108 Nut, Nylock 1/4-20Ground Logic A0105 Screw, 1/4 20 X 3/4, Ferris 5106214Ground Logic A0191 Fastener, 1/4-20 X 3
Ground Logic G0221 Hose Fitting, 1/2 Male, 1/2 BarbGround Logic G0222 Hose Fitting, 1/2 Male, 1/2 BarbGround Logic B0205 E-Ring, Brake ShaftGround Logic B0223 Hose Fitting, 3/4 Male, 1/2 Ba
Ground Logic A0102 #10 BoltGround Logic A0186 Shift Lever Bolt, ShortGround Logic E0110 Terminal, #8 RingGround Logic G0224 Hose Fitting, 3/4-3/4 Nipple
Ground Logic G0188 Nylon Fitting, 1/4 Male, 3/8 B, Ferris 5105956Ground Logic A0103 #10 Nut, Ferris 5105963Ground Logic A0117 Nut, Nylock 5/16 18, Ferris 5105992Ground Logic A0138 Fastener, 5/16-18 X 1/2
Ground Logic A0106 Fastener, 1/4-20 X 1 1/2Ground Logic A0187 Shift Lever Bolt, LongGround Logic B0122 Split Loom, 3/8Ground Logic B0167 Clip, Small Retaining Clip
Ground Logic A0113 Fastener, 5/16 18 X 3/4, Ferris 5106024Ground Logic A0189 Bolt, Spray Wand RetainingGround Logic G0220 Hose Fitting, 3/4 Male, 1/2 BarbGround Logic E0105 Packard Connector
Ground Logic G0227 Hose Fitting, 1/2 Female, 1/2Ground Logic A0167 RivetsGround Logic B0127 E-Ring, 3/8" Dia, Ferris 5106047Ground Logic A0157 Screw, 1/4-20 X 2
Ground Logic B0164 Cable TieGround Logic A0170 Fastener, 5/16-18X 1 1/4Ground Logic E0111 Terminal, 1/4 RingGround Logic F0447 Brake Pedal Pad
Ground Logic B0204 Clamp, Spray Wand LoopGround Logic B0155 Split Loom, .500 IdGround Logic A0107 Fastener, 1/4 20 X 2 1/4, Ferris 5105965Ground Logic A0134 Nut, Narrow Nylock 1/4 20, Ferris 5105915
Ground Logic A0156 Hex Jam Locknut, Ferris 5106016Ground Logic B0121 Plug, 1" Round TubeGround Logic B0123 Plug, 1" Square TubeGround Logic C0145 Transmission Shift Lever Bolt
Ground Logic A0114 Fastener, 5/16-18 X 1 3/4Ground Logic E0109 Terminal, BulletGround Logic A0168 Park Brake BoltGround Logic A0188 Coupler Screw
Ground Logic B0141 Clamp, 3/8 TubingGround Logic B0170 Console Grommet For Wiring, Ferris 5106454Ground Logic A0120 Screw, 3/8-16 X 1 1/4Ground Logic G0211 Plug, 1/2 Male
Ground Logic G0118 Hose Fitting, 1/2 Male, 3/8 BaGround Logic B0158 Trim, Front Cowl (Xc And Pat 1), Ferris 5105954Ground Logic A0121 Fastener, 3/8 16 X 1 1/2, Ferris 5106069Ground Logic E0108 Connector, Spade Quick Disconnect
Ground Logic G0144 Pvc Tubing, 3/8", $1.68/Foot, Ferris 5105990Ground Logic A0153 Fastener, 5/16 18 X 2 1/4, Ferris 5106056Ground Logic G0119 Hose Fitting, 90 Elbow, 1/4 MaGround Logic B0119 Grommet, 7/8" Dia, Ferris 5105899
Ground Logic G0186 Reducer BushingGround Logic G0130 Nozzle Cap, Ferris 5105932Ground Logic B0142 Fuel Tank Valve Grommet, Ferris 5105885Ground Logic C0141 Fuel Vent Line, Ferris 5106015
Ground Logic G0168 Hose Fitting, 3/4-1/2 Hex NippleGround Logic G0184 Nylon T, 1/2 MaleGround Logic G0225 Hose Fitting, 1/4 Male, 1/4 FemaleGround Logic G0121 Direct-O-Valve Plug
Ground Logic G0132 Nozzle Gasket, Ferris 5105924Ground Logic B0117 E Ring, 3/4" Dia, Ferris 5105882Ground Logic A0116 Fastener, 5/16 18X3, Ferris 5105980Ground Logic G0183 Pvc Tubing, 1/2", $2.19/Foot
Ground Logic C0131 Fuel Line, Low PermGround Logic G0108 Spreader Cable Holder Plate, Ferris 5105969Ground Logic A0144 Lug Nut, 5/16 18 Zinc, Ferris 5105981Ground Logic B0201 Clamp, Hose (Venture)
Ground Logic G0139 Hose Fitting, 90 Elbow, 1/2 Male, Ferris 5106201Ground Logic B0206 Washers, BellevilleGround Logic A0181 Set Screw, 5/16-18 Knurled EndGround Logic A0197 Fastener, 1/4-20 X 1 1/4
Ground Logic E0121 Key, Ignition (Venture)Ground Logic A0109 Clip Nut, Pulley Cover, Ferris 5105973Ground Logic G0140 T FittingGround Logic A0143 Lug Nut, 1/2 13 Zinc, Ferris 5105964
Ground Logic G0131 Nozzle Strainer, Ferris 5105904Ground Logic B0134 Shim, 3/4" Dia, Ferris 5105957Ground Logic G0178 Velcro StrapGround Logic B0163 Clamp, 1/2 Tubing
Ground Logic G0226 Hose Fitting, 1/2 T (Female)Ground Logic G0201 Salt Shield Wing NutsGround Logic B0116 Clamp, Fuel Line, Ferris 5106037Ground Logic B0130 E Ring, 1" Dia, Ferris 5105909
Ground Logic A0196 Fastener, 5/16-24 Hex Thin JamGround Logic B0133 Shim, 1" Dia, Ferris 5105936Ground Logic A0190 Bolt, Park Brake Long BoltGround Logic F0164 Front Hub Spacer, XC
Ground Logic E0124 Boot Cover For SwitchGround Logic B0131 Bushing, Pump, Ferris 5106156Ground Logic G0116 Hose Fitting, 1/2 Female, 3/8Ground Logic B0186 Fuel Tank Elbow Fitting
Ground Logic B0177 Bushing, Motion Control LeverGround Logic E0131 Wiring Harness - Pathfinder TrGround Logic G0149 Spreader Hopper Bushing, Ferris 5105878Ground Logic G0150 Spreader Rate Gate & Diffuser, Ferris 5105933
Ground Logic G0156 Spreader Pine Tree Clip, Ferris 5105953Ground Logic B0171 Gate Lever Knob, Ferris 5106000Ground Logic F0441 Spacer, 0.45" For Transmission, Ferris 5106259Ground Logic E0132 Wiring Harness - Rover Transmission
Ground Logic G0138 Hose Fitting, 90 Elbow, 1/2 FemaleGround Logic A0166 Clip Nut, Front Angle, Ferris 5105898Ground Logic B0114 Fuel Line, Ferris 5106208Ground Logic F0198 Transmission Axle Spacer, Lhs, Ferris 5105976
Ground Logic F0199 Transmission Axle Spacer, Rhs, Ferris 5105991Ground Logic B0209 Breather TubingGround Logic G0214 Pump Quick Release Fitting, VentureGround Logic B0188 Caster Hub Cap
Ground Logic B0166 Park Brake Threaded Rod, Ferris 5106174Ground Logic G0115 Hose Fitting, 3/4 To 1/2 ReductionGround Logic G0185 Nylon Elbow, New P/N Ferris 5106018Ground Logic A0132 Accuway Cable Bolt/Nut Assembly, Ferris 5105921
Ground Logic B0120 Grip, Handlebar, Ferris 5105928Ground Logic B0161 Roll Pin, Xc SulkyGround Logic B0112 Key, Pulley, Ferris 5105958Ground Logic A0135 Holder Plate Bolt, Ferris 5106078
Ground Logic F0165 Machined Gate Cable Bolt, Ferris 5105894Ground Logic B0169 Spring, Park Brake, Ferris 5105982Ground Logic A0139 Brake Eye Nut, Ferris 5105995Ground Logic B0151 Spring, Throttle, Ferris 5106007
Ground Logic B0214 Clamp, Fuel LineGround Logic G0114 Hose Fitting, 90 Elbow, 3/4 Ma, Ferris 5106167Ground Logic G0120 Hose Fitting, 1/4 Female, 3/8Ground Logic B0145 Spring, Diverter, Ferris 5106027
Ground Logic A0193 Bolt, 3/8-24 X 3/4Ground Logic B0105 Bushing, Idler Arm, Ferris 5106031Ground Logic G0106 Spreader Agitator Wire, Ferris 5105875Ground Logic F0110 Machined Brake Pin
Ground Logic F0157 Spacer, Ferris 5106130Ground Logic D0106 Tubing, Expansion Tank (19")Ground Logic B0152 Trim, ConsoleGround Logic G0196 Quick Release Fitting For Floj
Ground Logic A0155 Locking Nut, 3/4-10 ThinGround Logic H0110 Serial Number PlatesGround Logic G0107 Spreader Spinner Clips, Ferris 5105879Ground Logic D0107 Tubing, Expansion Tank (20")
Ground Logic G0192 Handle, 3-Way ValveGround Logic A0165 Nut, Slotted Castle 1"-14Ground Logic C0138 Fuel Cap, Non-EpaGround Logic C0139 Fuel Cap, Epa Compliant, Ferris 5106070
Ground Logic B0211 Hose Clamp, VentureGround Logic G0223 Fitting, 3/4 Male, 1/2 BarbGround Logic B0194 Control Lever RodGround Logic D0105 Fitting, 1/2" Barb
Ground Logic C0147 Bearing, Roller, Ferris 5105907Ground Logic C0146 Breather Vent, Ferris 5106299Ground Logic G0187 Nylon T, 1/4 Female, Ferris 5106061Ground Logic G0195 Filter Strainer Gasket, Ferris 5105947
Ground Logic B0132 Key, Drive Axle, Ferris 5105938Ground Logic F0243 Transmission Spacer, PathfinderGround Logic A0129 Fastener, 3/8 X 3/4 ShoulderGround Logic B0197 Rod End, Lhs
Ground Logic A0128 Screw, 3/8 X 1/4 Shoulder, 5/1Ground Logic A0192 Fastener, Square Head Set ScrewGround Logic F0440 Vibration Isolator StandoffGround Logic F0691 Spacer, Engine Pulley
Ground Logic A0140 Castle Nut, Pathfinder, Ferris 5106203Ground Logic B0196 Rod End, RhsGround Logic G0154 Spreader Dial, Ferris 5105913Ground Logic G0191 Quick Release Fitting For Pump
Ground Logic A0163 Screw, 3/8 X 1 Shoulder, 5/16-Ground Logic B0126 Brake Clevis Pin, Ferris 5105984Ground Logic A0154 Sulky Hinge Bolt, Ferris 5106215Ground Logic E0106 Safe-Start Module Plug
Ground Logic D0104 Fitting, #4 OrbGround Logic C0148 Bearing Retainer, Ferris 5105901Ground Logic B0189 Grip, Motion ControlGround Logic B0168 Key, 1.5", Ferris 5106038
Ground Logic B0129 Grease ZerkGround Logic B0111 Key, SteppedGround Logic B0162 Bracket, Spray WandGround Logic F0167 Diverter Handle, Pathfinder
Ground Logic F0333 Diverter Handle, RoverGround Logic A0194 Washer, 3/8? FenderGround Logic C0156 Grommet, Slosh Valve, Ferris 5106176Ground Logic B0147 Bearing, Tapered Cup
Ground Logic B0149 Seal, Sulky Bearing, Ferris 5105975Ground Logic E0125 Fuse HolderGround Logic F0175 Valve Mounting Plate, XCGround Logic F0348 Cable Support Rod, Aluminum, Ferris 5106068
Ground Logic C0119 Exhaust Deflector, Honda, Ferris 5106020Ground Logic G0155 Spreader Dial Mount, Ferris 5105888Ground Logic H0131 Label, Suction/ReturnGround Logic B0172 Spring, Small Idler Arm, Ferris 5105972
Ground Logic B0203 Knob For Stationary Control BaGround Logic B0150 Spring For Spray Return, Ferris 5105889Ground Logic F0442 Aluminum RodGround Logic B0125 Spring, Idler Arm, Ferris 5105946
Ground Logic B0102 Bushing, Sulky Flange, Ferris 5106004Ground Logic B0156 Bushing, Xc Sulky FlangeGround Logic B0198 Park Brake Rod EndGround Logic G0129 Tip, Spray Trim Red (Standard), Ferris 5105914
Ground Logic G0207 Tip, Spray Trim BrownGround Logic G0208 Tip, Spray Trim GreyGround Logic G0209 Tip, Spray Trim WhiteGround Logic F0431 Transmission Top Bracket
Ground Logic A0131 Fastener, 3/8 X 1 3/4 ShoulderGround Logic C0611 Fuel LineGround Logic G0146 Right NozzleGround Logic G0147 Left Nozzle, Ferris 5106035
Ground Logic B0100 Bearing, Triangle 2-BoltGround Logic B0136 Grip, Gear Shift Lever, Ferris 5105900Ground Logic B0210 Key, Pulley (Venture)Ground Logic B0160 Pull Start Eye Bolt
Ground Logic B0187 Pull Start Eye HookGround Logic G0215 Tip, Spray For Venture, Ferris 5106034Ground Logic G0194 Filter Screen, Heavy Duty, Ferris 5106022Ground Logic A0164 Castle Nut, XC
Ground Logic E0104 Wiring Harness   Pathfinder, Ferris 5106012Ground Logic E0112 Wiring Harness - RoverGround Logic G0153 Spreader Rate Gate Linkage, Ferris 5105942Ground Logic B0207 Footpan Bumpers
Ground Logic F0151 Exhaust Shield, Pathfinder, Ferris 5106077Ground Logic F0345 Exhaust Shield, RoverGround Logic G0169 Nozzle, Spray Wand, Ferris 5105935Ground Logic B0212 Bearings, Caster Wheel (Venture), Ferris 5106044
Ground Logic F0679 Spray Wand Holder Bracket, Ferris 5106085Ground Logic B0148 Bearing, Tapered Roller, Ferris 5105967Ground Logic F0146 Fuel Tank Hold Down, Pathfinder, Ferris 5106206Ground Logic F0219 Fuel Tank Hold Down, Pathfinder
Ground Logic F0432 Fuel Tank Hold Down, Pathfinder, Ferris 5106206Ground Logic B0106 Non Slip Pad (Set Of 2), Ferris 5105929Ground Logic G0134 Spray Tank Lid, Ferris 5105985Ground Logic B0115 Fuel Tank Fitting, Ferris 5105993
Ground Logic B0154 Vibration Isolator, Ferris 5106216Ground Logic F0678 Filter Support Bracket, VentureGround Logic G0128 Tip, Broadcast Floodjet Blue, Ferris 5105905Ground Logic G0205 Tip, Broadcast Floodjet Green
Ground Logic G0206 Tip, Broadcast Floodjet WhiteGround Logic G0210 Tip, Broadcast Floodjet Blue CGround Logic G0228 Tip, Broadcast Floodjet GrayGround Logic A0195 Fastener, Should Bolt 3/8 X 3
Ground Logic B0195 Park Brake RodGround Logic F0420 Tire Brake BarGround Logic G0152 Spreader Diffuser BaffleGround Logic G0193 Filter Cap, Heavy Duty, Ferris 5106146
Ground Logic G0189 White Adjustment Knob Assy.Ground Logic E0123 Switch, On/Off For Pump & Gear, Ferris 5106086Ground Logic F0356 Spacer, Rover Xr HopperGround Logic G0182 Bulkhead, Xc Spray Tank
Ground Logic C0100 Brake Drum, Ferris 5105998Ground Logic C0113 Pulley, Gearbox (1/2"), Ferris 5105943Ground Logic B0165 Park Brake Rod Ends, Ferris 5106173Ground Logic F0668 Diverter Cable Holder
Ground Logic G0133 Nozzle Body, Ferris 5105918Ground Logic B0146 Collar, Diverter Shaft, Ferris 5106023Ground Logic E0116 Switch, Foot For PumpGround Logic F0111 Brake Pedal Assy, Rover, Ferris 5106254
Ground Logic C0123 Tire, 13" Inner Tube, Ferris 5106123Ground Logic G0212 Ball Valve For Coil Hose, Ferris 5106265Ground Logic G0111 Pressure Gauge (Older Style)Ground Logic G0142 Pressure Gauge, Ferris 5105941
Ground Logic F0421 Park Brake HandleGround Logic C0117 Pulley, Small Idler, Ferris 5105890Ground Logic C0155 Valve, Slosh, Ferris 5106225Ground Logic C0309 V Belt, Rover Gearbox, Ferris 5105987
Ground Logic C0116 Pulley, Jackshaft OutputGround Logic E0130 Speed Pot KnobGround Logic C0122 Brake Band, Ferris 5105910Ground Logic S0409 Park Brake Rod End Assy, Ferris 5106230
Ground Logic C0144 V Belt, Pathfinder Pump: Pat 1, Ferris 5106548Ground Logic C0307 Pulley, Rover V Idler, Ferris 5106169Ground Logic C0118 Pulley, Larger Idler (Pat 1201, Ferris 5105994Ground Logic C0152 V Belt, Xc Pump (Pat 22016 2), Ferris 5105922
Ground Logic F0238 Spinner Shaft, Pathfinder XC, Ferris 5105903Ground Logic F0340 Spinner Shaft, Rover/Rover XR, Ferris 5106033Ground Logic F0439 Spinner Shaft, Pathfinder, Ferris 5105911Ground Logic G0105 Spinner Shaft, Pathfinder (Pat, Ferris 5105917
Ground Logic F0680 Valve Tie PlateGround Logic C0306 Pulley, Large Idler (Rover), Ferris 5106048Ground Logic C0304 Pulley, Rover JackshaftGround Logic F0119 Sulky Spacer, Ferris 5105986
Ground Logic C0121 V Belt, Pathfinder Pump (Ax24), Ferris 5105902Ground Logic C0111 Pulley, 3.5" Od, Ferris 5105968Ground Logic C0101 Hub, Sulky Double Flange, Ferris 5105966Ground Logic E0120 Switch, Ignition (Venture), Ferris 5106193
Ground Logic G0217 Pressure Relief Gauge, VentureGround Logic C0114 Pulley, Pump, Ferris 5106083Ground Logic G0135 Filter Assy, Clear, Ferris 5106057Ground Logic F0138 Machined Large Idler Hub
Ground Logic G0166 Filter Assy, Heavy Duty, Ferris 5105960Ground Logic C0143 V Belt, Engine: Pat 12012 2 &, Ferris 5105884Ground Logic C0130 Pulley, 4" Od (Transmission), Ferris 5105989Ground Logic E0128 Wiring Harness, Ignition (Venture)
Ground Logic B0215 Spring, CompressionGround Logic F0663 U BracketGround Logic C0308 V Belt, Rover Engine, Ferris 5105988Ground Logic C0110 Pulley, Engine, Ferris 5105971
Ground Logic B0190 Park Brake Control RodGround Logic S0212 Shift Lever, Pathfinder XC, New P/N Ferris 5106152Ground Logic B0208 Seal, Ztr CasterGround Logic G0102 Spreader Spinner Platter, Ferris 5105880
Ground Logic G0198 Hopper Bottom Plate (220# Hopper)Ground Logic C0120 V Belt, Pathfinder Engine, Ferris 5105906Ground Logic C0134 V Belt, Xc Pump  (Pat 22016 1), Ferris 5105916Ground Logic E0100 Safe Start Module, Ferris 5105937
Ground Logic G0137 Valve, Primary Spray, Ferris 5105962Ground Logic F0133 Shift Lever (Rover, XR & Patfinder), Ferris 5106010Ground Logic F0245 Shift Lever (Xc And Pat-12012-Ground Logic G0163 Valve, Spray Tank Shut Off, Ferris 5106003
Ground Logic C0301 Bearing, Rover Pillow BlockGround Logic G0151 Spreader Rate Gate, Ferris 5106199Ground Logic B0108 Cable, Gate, Ferris 5105877Ground Logic C0133 V Belt, Xc Engine (Pat 22016 1), Ferris 5105925
Ground Logic G0109 Hopper Cover, Model 120, Ferris 5105883Ground Logic G0200 Salt Agitator, Ferris 5106148Ground Logic C0608 V Belt, Engine/Transmission, Ferris 5106715Ground Logic S0130 Dial Mount Assembly
Ground Logic S0615 Park Brake Handle (Venture)Ground Logic B0193 Cable, Throttle/Choke (Venture), Ferris 5106053Ground Logic B0109 Cable, Throttle, Ferris 5601316Ground Logic C0105 Hub, Drive Wheel, Ferris 5105920
Ground Logic S0169 Diverter Handle AssemblyGround Logic F0685 Foot PadGround Logic B0144 Cable, Spray, Ferris 5108411Ground Logic B0135 Collar, Diverter Handle
Ground Logic F0319 Machined Rover Idler HubGround Logic C0108 Fuel Tank, Non Epa, Ferris 5105974Ground Logic C0137 Shift Lever YokeGround Logic G0174 Hopper Cover, Model 220, Ferris 5105887
Ground Logic S0124 Nozzle, Complete AssemblyGround Logic E0101 Switch, Ignition On/Off, Ferris 5105945Ground Logic F0448 Salt Shield Bracket, Left HandGround Logic F0449 Salt Shield Bracket, Right Hand
Ground Logic S0109 Small Idler Arm Assembly, PathfinderGround Logic S0413 Small Idler Arm Assembly, PathfinderGround Logic G0170 Spray Gun, Ferris 5105944Ground Logic F0106 Machined Platform Collar
Ground Logic G0171 Coil Hose, Ferris 5105927Ground Logic S0119 Spray Bar Nozzle Assembly, LeftGround Logic S0128 Spray Bar Nozzle Assembly, RigGround Logic F0445 Salt Shield Bracket, Left Hand
Ground Logic F0446 Salt Shield Bracket, Right HandGround Logic C0305 V Belt, Rover Engine, Ferris 5105950Ground Logic B0202 Battery BoxGround Logic S0416 Pump Pulley With Bushing
Ground Logic E0103 Neutral Start Switch On Transmisson, Ferris 5106017Ground Logic F0162 Machined Jackshaft, Ferris 5106050Ground Logic G0148 Hopper Bottom Plate (120# Hopper), Ferris 5106181Ground Logic C0126 Tire, 13" Turf Tire
Ground Logic S0108 Large Idler Arm Assembly, PathfinderGround Logic S0304 Large Idler Arm Assembly, RoverGround Logic S0412 Large Idler Arm Assembly, PathfinderGround Logic B0107 Cable, Turn To Lock, Ferris 5105892
Ground Logic C0142 Pulley, Gearbox/Pump, Ferris 5106041Ground Logic B0199 Spring, Idler (Venture), Ferris 80090207Ground Logic E0129 Wiring Harness, Pump/GearmotorGround Logic F0687 Gearmotor Support Bracket
Ground Logic S0605 Idler Arm Assy, VentureGround Logic F0179 Hopper Screen, Model 120, Ferris 5105955, 5106514Ground Logic C0603 Pulley, Engine (Venture)Ground Logic G0181 Hopper Extension Cover
Ground Logic G0112 Pressure Relief Valve, Ferris 5105959Ground Logic F0688 Pump Support BracketGround Logic G0216 Pressure Relief Valve, Venture, Ferris 5106149Ground Logic D0103 Oil Overflow Tank
Ground Logic E0102 Hour Meter, Ferris 5106145Ground Logic S0613 Diverter Shield, VentureGround Logic F0339 Machined Rover JackshaftGround Logic F0116 Machined Front Platform Tube
Ground Logic F0641 Console Cover Plate, VentureGround Logic F0246 Hopper Screen, Model 220, Ferris 5106157Ground Logic S0112 Pulley Cover, Pathfinder, Ferris 5106142Ground Logic S0308 Pulley Cover, Rover
Ground Logic G0110 Valve, 3 Way, Ferris 5106153Ground Logic S0627 Idler Arm, VentureGround Logic F0606 Spray Bar End Lhs, VentureGround Logic F0608 Spray Bar End Rhs, Venture
Ground Logic B0185 Damper For Control ArmGround Logic S0203 Diverter Assembly, PathfinderGround Logic F0143 Front Cowl, Pathfinder Pat-120Ground Logic F0235 Front Cowl, Pathfinder XC
Ground Logic F0344 Front Cowl, RoverGround Logic F0412 Front Cowl, Pathfinder Pat 120, Ferris 5106196Ground Logic F0207 Machined XC Lower TubeGround Logic B0110 Spinner Shaft Coupler, Ferris 5105886
Ground Logic F0211 Console, XCGround Logic F0315 Console, RoverGround Logic F0669 Motion Control Center Rod, VentureGround Logic E0122 Speed Pot, Ferris 5106253
Ground Logic F0427 Console, Pathfinder Pat-12012-Ground Logic S0403 Park Brake AssemblyGround Logic G0202 Pressure Regulator AssyGround Logic F0107 Machined Brake Shaft, Ferris 5106164
Ground Logic S0101 Brake Shaft Assy, Pathfinder S, Ferris 5106198Ground Logic S0111 Diverter, Pathfinder Pat 12012, Ferris 5106239Ground Logic S0301 Brake Shaft Assy, Rover SeriesGround Logic S0307 Diverter, Rover
Ground Logic S0406 Diverter, Pathfinder Pat-12012Ground Logic C0607 Fan/Pulley KitGround Logic C0600 Wheel, Caster For Venture, Ferris 5106150Ground Logic F0655 Fuel Tank Hold Down, Venture
Ground Logic F0514 Thigh PadGround Logic C0129 Bearing, Ami Pillow BlockGround Logic G0218 Direct O Valve, Ferris 5106284Ground Logic C0102 Wheel, 13" Turf Tire/Wheel Assy., Ferris 5106759
Ground Logic F0605 Spray Bar Center Section, Vent, Ferris 5106282Ground Logic C0135 Fuel Tank, Epa Complete Assemby, Ferris 5105974Ground Logic C0115 Pillow Block (Xc), Ferris 5105997Ground Logic G0219 Coil Hose, Venture, Ferris 5106055
Ground Logic C0601 Wheel, Drive For Venture Series, Ferris 5106247Ground Logic F0103 Machined Rear AxleGround Logic F0105 Machined Platform Tie ShaftGround Logic G0104 Gate Assembly, Complete 120#, Ferris 5601158
Ground Logic E0127 Battery For Venture SeriesGround Logic S0602 Control Arm, Left Hand SideGround Logic S0603 Control Arm, Right Hand SideGround Logic G0167 Pump Head, Ferris 5105908
Ground Logic G0165 Spray Tank, 16 Gallon, Ferris 5106030Ground Logic S0608 Battery Support PlateGround Logic F0118 Machined Platform Pivot TubeGround Logic G0101 Spray Tank, 12 Gallon, Ferris 5420627
Ground Logic F0201 Machined XC Shaft SupportGround Logic G0172 Gate Assembly, Complete (220#), Ferris 5601137Ground Logic C0106 Wheel, 18" Scorpion Tire & Wheel, Ferris 5418044Ground Logic F0623 Stationary Handlebar, Venture
Ground Logic G0176 Pump, Quick Release, Ferris 5105919Ground Logic SPK-500-1 Spare Parts Kit /Venture 120Ground Logic G0199 Salt ShieldGround Logic SPK-600-1 Spare Parts Kit /Venture 220
Ground Logic S0616 Park Brake Shaft AssemblyGround Logic G0180 Hopper ExtensionGround Logic F0200 Machined XC Sulky ShaftGround Logic S0607 Transmission Support Bracket
Ground Logic G0103 Pump, Complete Assembly, Ferris 5105897Ground Logic S0103 Handlebar Assy, Pathfinder PatGround Logic S0202 Handlebar Assy, Pathfinder XCGround Logic S0303 Handlebar Assy, Rover
Ground Logic S0405 Handlebar Assy, Pathfinder PatGround Logic S0104 Platform Tie Assembly, Rover/P, Ferris 5106063Ground Logic S0121 Sulky Hinge, Pathfinder Pat-12Ground Logic S0201 Sulky Hinge, Pathfinder XC
Ground Logic S0312 Sulky Hinge, RoverGround Logic S0407 Sulky Hinge, Pathfinder Pat-12Ground Logic G0100 Hopper, 120#, Ferris 5106287Ground Logic S0611 Spray Tank Support Bracket, Venture
Ground Logic G0213 Pump, Venture, Ferris 5106237Ground Logic C0136 Gearbox, 2.5" Input Shaft, Ferris 5106013Ground Logic S0127 Fuel Tank Support, PathfinderGround Logic S0204 Fuel Tank Support, XC
Ground Logic E0118 Spinner Gearmotor, Ferris 5106120Ground Logic G0164 Hopper, 220#, Ferris 5106211Ground Logic SPK-100-1 Spare Parts Kit - PathfinderGround Logic C0112 Gearbox With Pulley
Ground Logic SPK-200-1 Spare Parts Kit-Pathfinder XCGround Logic S0601 Caster Fork AssemblyGround Logic S0314 Gearbox & Jackshaft Assy, RoverGround Logic G0143 Hopper, 120# (Complete Assy)
Ground Logic E0119 Speed Controller, Ferris 5106161Ground Logic S0300 Sulky Frame AssemblyGround Logic G0173 Hopper, 220# (Complete Assy)Ground Logic S0200 Sulky Frame Assembly, Pathfinder
Ground Logic C0610 Oil DrainGround Logic S0618 Footpan, Venture (Bumbers Not Included)Ground Logic S0417 Sulky, Complete Assembly (Rover)Ground Logic S0214 Sulky, Complete Assembly (XC)
Ground Logic S0305 Front Frame, RoverGround Logic C0300 Engine, Rover/Rover XrGround Logic S0609 Caster Arm SupportGround Logic C0103 Engine, Pathfinder/Xc
Ground Logic C0104 Transmission, Ferris 5105934Ground Logic S0208 Main Frame Assembly, PathfinderGround Logic S0400 Front Frame, Pathfinder Pat-12Ground Logic S0132 Transmission With Hubs
Ground Logic S0131-1 Transmission, Complete AssemblyGround Logic S0131-2 Transmission, Complete AssemblyGround Logic C0605 Transaxle, Lhs (Venture Series)Ground Logic C0606 Transaxle, Rhs (Venture Series), Ferris 5106248
Ground Logic S0105 Front Frame, Pathfinder Pat-12Ground Logic C0604 Engine, Venture Series (Subaru)