Spreader Speed Control Kit, Rpls. 3006587, SaltDogg P/N 3015371

Spreader Speed Control Kit, Rpls. 3006587, SaltDogg P/N 3015371
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Buyers Spreader Speed Control Kit P/N 3015371

Replaces: P/N 3006587 Controller

Hard Start Feature: When the user first starts the unit, the controller automatically programs the spreader motor for a one-second burst at full power, then returns to the preset speed. This makes starts easier and more reliable. The selected speed will be indicated on the LCD panel as 1–9.

Blast Function: When the spreader is being operated at less than full power, the user can deliver a short blast of additional salt by depressing the front-mounted blast button. Ideal for laying more salt on those “trouble spots.” Remove the pressure from the switch, the motor returns to its preset speed. The LCD panel will indicate “Blast!” during this function.

Front-Mounted Circuit Breaker: If the spreader motor or wiring harness become damaged and shorted out, then the circuit breaker will pop out. The cause must be repaired before resetting.

Stall Function: When the spreader becomes overloaded or jammed, the controller will indicate “motor stalled” and stop the motor until the jam can be cleared. The spreader can be restarted by turning the controller “off” then “on” again.

Retrofit The new speed controller can be used with all Buyers’ Tailgate Spreaders. It’s easy to upgrade or replace previous models.

For use with spreaders: TGS01, TGS05, TGSUV PRO Series

Includes: mounting bracket and hardware.

Weight: 4 lbs